U12 Game Schedule

Sat.Aug. 259:00 AMChargersCrewLoch Lynn B
10:30 AMFireRevolutionLoch Lynn B
12:00 PMMutinyRapidsLoch Lynn B
1:30 PMRaidersUnitedLoch Lynn B
Mon.Aug. 275:30 PMRapidsRaidersLoch Lynn B
Tue.Aug. 285:30 PMCrewUnitedLoch Lynn B
Wed.Aug. 295:30 PMRevolutionMutinyLoch Lynn B
Thu.Aug. 305:30 PMFireChargersLoch Lynn B
Sat.Sept. 1Labor Day Holiday - No Games
Tue.Sept. 4Spirit Night at SHS Girls' GameSouthern High
Tue.Sept. 45:30 PMCrewFireLoch Lynn B
Wed.Sept. 55:30 PMChargersMutinyLoch Lynn B
Thu.Sept. 65:30 PMUnitedRapidsLoch Lynn B
Fri.Sept. 75:30 PMRevolutionRaidersLoch Lynn B
Sat.Sept. 89:00 AMUnitedFireLoch Lynn B
10:30 AMRapidsRevolutionLoch Lynn B
12:00 PMRaidersChargersLoch Lynn B
1:30 PMMutinyCrewLoch Lynn B
Mon.Sept. 105:30 PMChargersRapidsLoch Lynn B
Tue.Sept. 115:30 PMCrewRaidersLoch Lynn B
Wed.Sept. 125:30 PMFireMutinyLoch Lynn B
Thu.Sept. 135:30 PMRevolutionUnitedLoch Lynn B
Sat.Sept. 159:00 AMRaidersFireLoch Lynn B
10:30 AMRevolutionChargersLoch Lynn B
12:00 PMUnitedMutinyLoch Lynn B
1:30 PMRapidsCrewLoch Lynn B
Tue.Sept. 18Spirit Night at SHS Boys' GameSouthern High
Mon.Sept. 175:30 PMUnitedChargersLoch Lynn B
Tue.Sept. 185:30 PMMutinyRaidersLoch Lynn B
Wed.Sept. 195:30 PMRevolutionCrewLoch Lynn B
Thu.Sept. 205:30 PMRapidsFireLoch Lynn B
Sat.Sept. 229:00 AMMutinyRapidsLoch Lynn B
Picture Day!10:30 AMRaidersUnitedLoch Lynn B
12:00 PMChargersCrewLoch Lynn B
1:30 PMFireRevolutionLoch Lynn B
Mon.Sept. 245:30 PMRevolutionMutinyLoch Lynn B
Tue.Sept. 255:30 PMFireChargersLoch Lynn B
Wed.Sept. 265:30 PMRapidsRaidersLoch Lynn B
Thu.Sept. 275:30 PMCrewUnitedLoch Lynn B
Sat.Sept. 299:00 AMUnitedRapidsLoch Lynn B
10:30 AMRevolutionRaidersLoch Lynn B
12:00 PMCrewFireLoch Lynn B
1:30 PMChargersMutinyLoch Lynn B
Mon.Oct. 15:30 PMRaidersChargersLoch Lynn B
Tue.Oct. 25:30 PMMutinyCrewLoch Lynn B
Wed.Oct. 35:30 PMUnitedFireLoch Lynn B
Thu.Oct. 45:30 PMRapidsRevolutionLoch Lynn B
Sat.Oct. 69:00 AMFireMutinyLoch Lynn B
10:30 AMRevolutionUnitedLoch Lynn B
12:00 PMChargersRapidsLoch Lynn B
1:30 PMCrewRaidersLoch Lynn B
Tue.Oct. 95:30 PM(1) Fire(8) CrewLoch Lynn B
Wed.Oct. 105:30 PM(4) Mutiny(5) ChargersLoch Lynn B
Sat.Oct. 13Autumn Glory Weekend - No Games
Mon.Oct. 155:00 PM(2) Rapids(7) RaidersLoch Lynn B
Tue.Oct. 165:00 PM(3) Revolution(6) UnitedLoch Lynn B
Wed.Oct. 175:00 PMW 1 v 8W 4 v 5Loch Lynn B
Thu.Oct. 185:00 PMW 2 v 7W 3 v 6Loch Lynn B
Sat.Oct. 209:30 AMChampionship GameLoch Lynn B
Sat.Oct. 2711:00 AMAll-Star Game **Southern High

* Note - After Autumn Glory evening games start times moves to 5:00 PM. ** Note - All-Star Game will only be held if weather and field conditions are favorable.